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Professional Development

Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops
ACEC New Mexico provides and supports multiple seminars and workshops, which provide top-notch, low cost education on a variety of meaningful topics. Such seminars and workshops include:

  • ACEC Annual Convention and Legislative Summit, Washington, DC - This conference provides attendees with important and useful industry information. National speakers present information about what is affecting businesses, organizations, and the industry. The conference also provides the opportunity to meet with Congressional Delegates to discuss industry issues important to Members' states and communities.

Professional Development Program
ACEC New Mexico's Professional Development Program (PDP) is open to all employees of ACEC New Mexico Members and non-members. The PDP includes an annual Legislative Day at The Capitol in Santa Fe, where participants learn about the legislative process and how important it is to our industry and have the opportunity to meet with their state legislators. All participants are then recognized at the Annual Awards GALA.

Aspiring Principals Program
ACEC New Mexico offers an Aspiring Principals Program (APP) for upwardly mobile young professional engineers in order to help develop future successful leaders. The program promotes the growth or development of those who might become principals in consulting engineering organizations.

Program objectives include:

  • Provide meaningful educational experience for participants
  • Improve awareness of responsibilities of principals
  • Stimulate interest of participants in becoming principals
  • Develop a camaraderie between participants

The focus of the program is on assessing what participants have learned. A certification of completion of the program is awarded and participants are recognized at the Annual Awards GALA in April.

Proposed program topics include:

  • Introductory Session and Leadership Principles
  • Management
  • Team Building
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Financial Operations
  • Personal Involvement
  • War Stories by Retired Principals

For more details on the program, download the summary.

Alumni Aspiring Principals Program
Alumni Aspiring Principals Program (A-APP) is the advanced leadership program for young professionals. The Alumni program has been developed exclusively for those participants who have previously completed the Aspiring Principals Program – Level I.

Session 1: Legislative Day in Santa Fe
Participants receive instruction on the legislative process, issues briefings, and conduct meetings with their individual state legislators.

Session 2: Speaker/Workshop Presentations
This two-day presentation workshop is intended to expose participants to topics beyond those previously covered.

Topics may include:

  • Managing Change - Current Practices and the Future of Human Relations
  • Legal Issues
  • Insurance
  • Retention and Recruitment
  • Legislative Update

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