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ACEC New Mexico Members

Member Firms
Animas Environmental Services
Applied Technology Associates
Armstrong Consultants
Bohannan Huston
Bridgers & Paxton
CDM Smith

Cheney-Walters-Echols, Inc.
Crawford Engineers
Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc., a Geo-Logic Company
Griffith Engineering Services
Horrocks Engineers
Isaacson & Arfman, Inc.
JCB Engineering, Inc.
Lee Engineering
Luchini Trujillo Structural Engineers
Mark Goodwin & Associates, P.A.
Molzen Corbin

Pettigrew & Associates, P.A.
Radian Engineering, LLC
Smith Engineering Company

Stubbs Engineering, Inc.
T2 Utility Engineers

TYLin International Group
WHPacific, an NV5 Company
Wilson & Company

Associate Members
Ecosphere Environmental Services
Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.
Pathfinder Environmental

Tierra Right of Way

Affiliate Members
ACEC Business Insurance Trust (BIT)
ECAD, Inc.
R.J. Dean + Associates

Resnick & Louis, PC


Benefits of Membership
Benefits of membership in ACEC New Mexico include:

Expand Your Presence in the Engineering Community
Meetings and social functions are held with peers to discuss common business interests and partnering opportunities, as well as current trends and problem solving in engineering and management. You can capitalize on hassle-free contacts with quality businesses by utilizing ACEC New Mexico Member Firms and Associate and Affiliate Members.  ACEC New Mexico offers you the opportunity to interface with engineers and surveyors, architects, contractors, homebuilders, public works officials, elected officials, private clients, and more.

Liaison Committees
Build Ties with Public Agencies
ACEC New Mexico has ongoing, established relationships with local, state, and federal agencies. Meetings are held with key government entities to discuss upcoming projects and current issues, as well as to promote common interests and the use of ACEC New Mexico Members. Agencies include: Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, Bernalillo County, City of Albuquerque, City of Rio Rancho, Local Governments, New Mexico Department of Transportation, Office of the State Engineer, Southern New Mexico, Tribal Affairs, and US Army Corps of Engineers.

Government Advocacy
A Voice in Local, State, and National Issues
ACEC New Mexico's well-established, effective lobbying team maintains an active and influential presence at the State Capitol, screens bills for impact on the engineering community, and testifies at legislative hearings on key engineering and industry issues. ACEC New Mexico sponsors priority legislation in the areas of qualifications-based selection (QBS), alternative project delivery methods, indemnification, prompt pay, certificate of merit, and others. ACEC New Mexico has an informed political action committee and an aggressive candidate support system and diligently addresses industry legal and contractual concerns in a timely manner.

Professional Development
Affordable Continuing Education
The Multiple seminars and workshops provide top-notch, low cost education on a variety of beneficial topics. Professional development hours (PDHs) are earned by all attendees. ACEC New Mexico offers an Aspiring Principals Program (APP) and a Professional Development Program (PDP).

Community Outreach
Understanding and Recognition
ACEC New Mexico circulates information promoting the professional responsibilities and services of consulting engineers. Private practice engineering is conveyed to the public with the aim of developing understanding and appreciation for the value provided by consulting engineers.

Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA)
Acknowledge Accomplishments
ACEC New Mexico's Annual Awards Program, the Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA), is designed to recognize excellence in engineering. It provides firms the opportunity to showcase outstanding projects to the public and to market the projects and the firm at both the state and national levels.

American Council of Engineering Companies
National Partner
ACEC assists ACEC New Mexico Members by providing a variety of member benefits, including federal legislation to sensitize legislators to consulting engineers' concerns, to work to decrease governmental regulation, to attempt to eliminate unfair competition, and to create new business for your firm. In addition, numerous opportunities exist to serve on national committees. ACEC can help in every aspect of your business. Call ACEC at 202.347.7474 or refer to their website at

Firm Management Benefits
Ways for Your Business to Save

ACEC Trust Programs
ACEC's Trust Programs are designed to enhance your membership investment by helping to control your firm's costs. Programs are available for business insurance, life/health insurance, and retirement plans. The ACEC Trusts have created partnerships with reputable administrators and plan providers that offer valuable services with quality and competitive prices. In addition to providing business savings, these programs make an attractive employee retention program in which individual employees benefit from your ACEC purchasing power.

In order for an engineering firm to take advantage of these excellent business opportunities, you must become a Member Firm. ACEC membership is available through one of the 52 state and regional councils, called Member Organizations. Click on Join ACEC to begin your first steps to savings for your business. For membership information, call 202.347.7474 and ask for the Membership Department.

For additional information on ACEC's Trust programs, contact Charles Kim at 202.347.7474 and ACEC Member Firms can achieve further savings through ACEC's Discount Programs. Click here for more information on these programs or contact

  • ACEC Business Insurance Trust
    The ACEC Business Insurance Trust (BIT) oversees a program that provides business and professional liability insurance coverage for participating ACEC Member Firms. The program offers policyholders ACEC-exclusive tailored coverage along with broad policy terms and conditions. Program coverage includes automobile liability and physical damage; workers' compensation; and the "Spectrum" package policy affording protection for buildings, business personal property, money and securities, business liability, equipment breakdown, drones, cyber security, computers, and media. Catastrophe liability protection is available through umbrella coverage. The business insurance plan underwriter is The Hartford. The plan administrator is Greyling, a division of EPIC.

    The Trust has authorized the administrator to work with Member Firms to help them determine the most appropriate professional liability coverage available to them. Neither ACEC not the Trust endorses any one PLI provider. Rather, the objective is to offer a choice of providers for PLI coverage. Under the Deductible Assistance Program, the BIT may be able to defray all or part of your firm's deductible for automobile or property claims if you are an ACEC Member in good standing and participate in the BIT program. Once your claim is submitted and processed by The Hartford, you can request the return of your deductible amount up to $1,000 per claim. Download the form at to request deductible assistance from the BIT for processed property and auto claims.

    Further information about the ACEC BIT program can be obtained by visiting the BIT's website at the following address:

  • ACEC Life/Health Insurance Trust
    Life and Health Insurance, by Engineers for Engineers
    The mission of ACEC Life/Health Trust (Trust) is "to provide healthcare benefit solutions and services to support the business objectives of ACEC Member Firms and the health and wellbeing of the firms' employees and families." Since 1965, the Trust has dedicated their efforts to supporting the health, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance needs of engineering firms across the country. They do this by partnering with top leaders in the health insurance and health benefits industry to deliver unmatched value in health insurance coverage to ACEC Member Firms.

    The Trust's Healthcare Solutions include:

    - United Healthcare: A Fully Insured Nationwide Plan
    - Select Plan: Alternative Funding Model for Small-to-Mid-Size Firms
    - Advantage Plan: Stop-Loss for Traditional Self-Funded Solutions
    - Guardian: High-Quality Ancillary and Voluntary Products

    The Trust also provides a complete portfolio of value-added services available at no additional cost to Member Firms on a Trust medical plan. These services include:

    - Designed Wellness: Comprehensive Wellness Program
    - Designed Advocate: Personal Healthcare Advisors

    Leverage, Strength & Stability
    Member Firms are backed by the group purchasing power of more than 1,600 firms and 90,000 participants. The Trust holds over two times the industry standard for financial reserves in excess over anticipated claims. And, their financial strength equates to long-term rate stability and an enhanced value proposition for every Member Firm they serve.

    The fact is, the Trust truly believes engineers deserve better. With a broad network of physicians, health care professionals, and hospitals serving members nationwide, and a vast portfolio of traditional and consumer-driven plans to serve ACEC Member Firms at every level, the Trust provides significant peace of mind in a volatike healthcare environment.

    When it comes to life and health insurance, no one knows or consistently meets the needs of ACEC Member Firm better than the Trust.

    ACEC Life/Health Trust...You Belong!
    To find out more about the Trust, or to receive a no-obligation quote, please send an email to Existing Trust employees and Members can find more program information at

  • ACEC Retirement Trust
    The ACEC Retirement Trust oversees a program that provides retirement plans for participating ACEC Member Firms. Firms in any national category of membership are eligible for this program. Seven Trustees, made up of senior members of participating firms, oversee the Retirement Trust. The Trustees have selected nationally known consulting firms in the areas of ERISA compliance, investment selection and monitoring, participant education, and recordkeeping to assist them in the operation of their program. For program members, the Trustees assume a significant portion of the required fiduciary protection of each member's plan, thus allowing firm personnel to spend more time on their engineering expertise and less time on their retirement readiness of their employees.

    Trust participant education is provided through webinars, newsletters, and flyers and is available to participants 24/7 through websites and major social media channels. Call centers are provided where Plan Sponsors and participants can talk to live experts to assist with their questions and needs. Local representatives are assigned to each plan to assist with face-to-face questions and needs. Local representatives are assigned to each plan to assist with face-to-face questions and on-site education where desired.

    For additional information regarding the Retirement Trust and its programs, please contact or Lydia Zabrycki at 559.284.0370 or
Membership Categories and Dues
There are three types of membership in ACEC New Mexico:

Member Firms are individual firms, parent firms, branch offices, divisions or subsidiaries whose resident principals (proprietors, partners, managers or officers) furnish independent consulting services.

Associate Members are sole proprietors, firms, parent firms, branch offices, subsidiaries and/or organizations that provide professional services of a scientific and/or technical nature complementary to the services provided by member firms.

Affiliate Members are sole proprietors, firms, parent firms, branch offices, subsidiaries and/or organizations that supply goods and services specified by or used in the operations of member firms.

Membership Applications
To join, determine which membership type fits your organization and complete and submit the application to ACEC NM, P.O. Box 3773, Albuquerque, NM 87190-3773 or

Member Firms – Annual dues for membership in ACEC and ACEC New Mexico are based on the number of full-time employees a firm has. Dues include both National and New Mexico dues. For a dues quote, please contact  The ACEC New Mexico Fiscal Year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Associate Members Annual dues for 2020–2021 are $650.00.

Affiliate Members Annual dues for 2020-2021 are $300.00

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