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The ACEC Bookstore is your best source for industry-related publications and merchandise.  Find the books you need, covering topics from Qualifications-Based Section (QBS) to Financial Management, as well as cleverly-engineered merchandise.  Visit the ACEC Bookstore website at to see its full catalog.

Registered Continuing Education Program is a web-based, comprehensive educational management system where professional engineers and related A/E/C professionals can track their professional development activities and state continuing education requirements to ensure they obtain the continuing education they need to maintain licensure.  In cases where licensees are audited, makes the auditing process efficient and painless because Professional Development Hours (PDH) history it stored in one place and is accessible by state boards at no cost.  Professionals are encouraged to track their continuing education activities and PDHs at

ACEC National's website provides great information and resources.  Please visit

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