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Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc.

6020 Academy Road NE, Suite 100
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Phone: (505) 822-9400
Fax: (505) 822-8877


Jim Kelsey, PG
Senior Vice President - Southwest Operations

Nicole Sweetland, PG

Gundar Peterson, PE
Senior Engineer

Jennifer Hill, PE
Senior Engineer

Janet Wolfe, CPSM
Marketing Director

Jolene Hines
Laboratory Manager


Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc. (DBS&A) is an employee-owned engineering and scientific consulting firm providing solutions for natural resources, infrastructure, and the environment.  DBS&A is headquartered in Albuquerque with a full-service Soil Testing and Research Laboratory (also in Albuquerque) and offices in Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, and Oakland, California and Austin and Lubbock, Texas.  DBS&A was founded in 1984 and serves clients and industries that include government (local, state, federal, and tribal), energy, legal, mining, waste management, transportation, agriculture, and land development.  The firm holds eight patents for innovation in soil and groundwater science.  Staff members regularly contribute to peer-reviewed scientific journals and are faculty members at some of the nation's leading universities.  In addition, the firm's experts have published two books on vadose zone hydrology.

Examples of DBS&A innovation include:

 -  Regulatory support for environmental protection - DBS&A experts provided key technical expertise to the US Environmental Protection Agency in developing final Underground Injection Control (UIC) rules for permitting carbon dioxide injection wells associated with geologic sequestration.

 -  Solving water supply challenges - DBS&A was recognized with the National Groundwater Association's 2011 Outstanding Ground Water Project Award for leading the design and construction of a 21-well, 20 million-gallon-per-day well field for West Texas' drought-stricken City of Amarillo.

 -  Implementing water management strategies - DBS&A is a leader in managed aquifer recharge with ongoing recharge experience in New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, Utah, and California.  The firm recently permitted, designed, and conducted New Mexico's first artificial recharge project.  The firm's state-of-the-art monitoring program for this project tracked water 500 feet through the vadose zone, demonstrating project feasibility in a challenging regulatory environment and leading the way for other New Mexico water managers.

 -  Optimizing natural resource use and extraction - To assist the firm's lithium mining clients in South America, DBS&A's Soil Testing and Research Laboratory, in conjunction with the University of New Mexico, developed a unique method to estimate extractable brine from site-specific geologic and solution samples containing lithium-laden brine.  This method optimizes lithium extraction, a resource critical to production of lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid vehicles and consumer electronics.

 -  Implementing new technology - Based on DBS&A's experience with more than 40 evapotranspiration (ET) covers in the US, Australia is looking to DBS&A experts to assist in adopting ET covers as a cost-effective alternative to traditional landfill covers.  The firm's experts were invited speakers to workshops in five Australian states and provided information to landfill owners and regulators regarding assessment and design techniques.

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