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Cheney-Walters-Echols, Inc.

909 West Apache
Farmington, New Mexico 87401
Phone: (505) 325-3303
Fax: (505) 327-1471


Robert A. Echols, Jr., PE


Cheney-Walters-Echols, Inc. is a full-service engineering and surveying firm providing comprehensive design services to a wide variety of clients throughout the Four Corners area of the western United States.  The firm offers professional services in the fields of engineering (civil, utilities, and transportation) and surveying and photogrammetry.

The professional scope of services offered by Cheney-Walters-Echols encompasses expertise in the design of bridges, water systems, surveying, subdivision planning, wastewater treatment facilities, construction management, and many other types of public works projects.  Office production utilizes Auto CAD 2000 and other software for drafting, coordinate geometry, word processing, and accounting functions.  Plotting of drawings is facilitated by a Hewlett Packard 2500 CP plotter.  Survey instruments are regularly updated to state-of-the-art, including Trimble 4400 global positioning systems.

While serving this region since 1962, Cheney-Walters-Echols has acquired a reputation as an organization of people who are sensitive to the needs of its clients, who work closely and continually with these clients to include them in the decision making process, and who are recognized as leaders in all types of innovative professional design services.

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